Rempah Beriani Warisan Johor

The right combination of spices is of the ultimate importance when choosing the best Rempah Beriani. I do not have such a problem getting the best Rempah Beriani as I get my rempah fresh and direct from Din's Aunty, Makcik Ga. She sources the ingredients personally. She cleans, sun dries and grinds all the 9 spices that she painstakingly prepares to create really authentic, original, clean and fresh  Rempah Beriani.

Not only is this rempah used to make Beriani Gam, it can also be used in making Tembosa, Murtabak, Kormak, Soto Berempah, Curry Puff filling, Bubur Asyura, Sup Berempah.

You too, can have a share of  this wonderful Rempah Beriani. It's sold in 200gms packs which can cook up to 3 whole chicken.
For orders, please email : or 
you can buy it off the shelf at Dish Deli at Mount Kiara Solaris, located at 13A Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara.


Awa's Almond Rocher

Truth be told, I love chocolates passionately. These lovely lovely Almond Rocher that Din's cousin makes...are just the ultimate pleasure for me. not-very-guilty pleasures are little droplets of beautiful silky smooth chocolates intertwining fresh crisp almond strips and specks of raisins. Just heavenly!
You could share my passion all year round, through Awa directly at
012-3920099 or


authorMarina Mustafa. Author of ten cookbooks.

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