Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crispy Tapioca Shoots

Most kids love munching on potato chips....My kids love munching all day on this Negeri Sembilan dish of Pucuk Ubi Goreng. I am so glad I got this fantastic recipe from Din's Mak Lang! I'm pretty sure this huge bottle I made of it won't last very long...

Crispy Tapioca Shoots Recipe


Nasifriet said...

Good to "see" you back! And thanks for posting this recipe. I've always love "pucuk ubi" when growing up. Used to have this done "masak lemak" way. Nice to know the versality of this veg :-D

BTW, I've linked your blog to mine, so I can keep coming back for nostalgic food :P

Wonderful Life with Mary Kay said...

Chef Marina, thanks for the recipes yesterday. I love the pancake the most!! Yummy... Kena cari cepat2 non sick pan yang kecik2 tu. :)

Cooking with Marina Mustafa said...

Thank you Nasifriet.. I am daily on my Instagram & Facebook, I always accidentally neglect my blog, except when I am posting a recipe.

Thank you for following my blog.

Cooking with Marina Mustafa said...

My pleasure Liza. How did your pancakes turn out?


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