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Bubur Asyura (using the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker)


Hari Asyura falls on the 10th of Muharram of the Muslim calendar. On this day, many historical events occured and Muslims are encouraged to fast, breaking their fast with Bubur Asyura. One story which I learnt about the makings of Bubur Asyura, is during a time of famine, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) collected whatever each household had in their homes, put everything in a huge cauldron and cooked it up for the whole community to share as meal together, thus the Bubur Asyura. In Malaysia, there are various versions of the Bubur Asyura. The main ingredients are primarily beans. This version that I am sharing, is how my mum cooks it and this is how most Johoreans appreciate this porridge.

Cooking Bubur Asyura in a PHILIPS Pressure Cooker is ideal as it cooks the beans to perfection. My mum said that she felt all the flavours of the spices were intensified with the use of the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker. With a touch of two buttons and 30 minutes, you will get the perfect Bubur Asyura!

Blended ingredients:~
·      1 onion
·      3 cloves of garlic
·      ½ inch ginger

   ½  cup rice
   1 tbsp roasted peanuts
   1 tbsp split chick peas
   1 tbsp red peas
   1 tbsp corn, cooked
   1 tbsp lentils
   1 tbsp dhal
   1 tbsp barley
   ½  stick carrot, cut into large cubes
   ½ sweet potato, cut into cubes
   2 cups water
   ½ cup coconut milk
   1 tbsp curry powder
   1 tbsp kerisik
   3 cloves
   3 cardamom
   1 cinnamon sticks
   1 star anise
   1 tsp salt

   1 egg, made into paper thin omelettes
   2 stalks spring onions, sliced thinly
   2 stalks chinese parsley, sliced thinly
   3 tbsp fried crispy shallots

1.    Put all the ingredients into the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker.
2.    Press BEANS and the START.
3.    The Bubur Should be ready in 30 minutes.
4.    When serving, top with omelette, chinese parsley, spring onions and fried crispy shallots.


Wafaa said...

If want to make porridge, should i use Rice?

Cooking with Marina Mustafa said...

Yes Wafaa. Babur Asyura is a porridge using beans and rice as the main ingredients.


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