Monday, 26 August 2013

Sup Tulang Berempah / Spicy Bone Soup (using PHILIPS Pressure Cooker)

If there was one dish my husband would have married me for, I would say it is for my SUP TULANG BEREMPAH. Well, I'm certain that's not why he married I made sure I never cooked it before our marriage :-)  but I know he loves this spicy sup tulang very very much and relate this soup to any bone that he sees sold at the pasar tani!!

Of course I never realized how easy it was for me to cook this soup until the electrical PHILIPS Pressure Cooker entered my kitchen. Now, cooking this soup is such a breeze.....and as usual, I just throw all the ingredients in, and press two buttons! The flavours of all the spices  combined with the meat pieces that literally falls of the bones really can be tasted in the soup. You won't know what 'finger licking good' really means until you try this soup! Divine!

·      2 kgs beef  bones
·      1 onion, blended
·      3 cloves of garlic, blended
·      ½ inch ginger, blended
·      2 cinnamon stick
·      2 star anise
·      5 cloves
·      5 cardamoms
·      1 tbsp rempah sup
·      3 cups of water
·      1 carrot, cut into rectangle sizes
·      2 sticks of celery, cut into rectangle sizes 
·      1 tsp salt
·      1 tsp black pepper

1.    Place all the ingredients inside the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker pot.
2.    Stir till everything is well combined.
3.    Press Tendon & then START button of the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker.
4.    After 30 minutes, the Spicy Bone Soup will be ready.
5.    Sprinkle with fried onions & sliced chinese celery when serving.

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