Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dalcha (using the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker)

I really enjoy dipping roti, chappati & bread into sauces. The perfect sauce is of course the Dalcha. It's my mum's favourite....as its filled with beans, vegetables...it's a little spicy, sourish and truly delicious! This is my vegetarian version. If you add lamb, it will turn out super delicious!
Everyone knows Pressure Cooker are perfect for beans & pulses. So naturally, Dalcha is perfect when cooked using the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker! You just dump everything in, press two simple buttons and within' 30 minutes, you will produce the tastiest Dalcha ever!

(using the PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker)
Ingredients to blend:~

·      1 large onion
·      2 cloves of garlic
·      1 inch of ginger
·      3 tbsp curry powder

Other ingredients:~

·      ½ cup of dhal
·      ½ cup of split chick peas
·      1 cinnamon stick
·      1 star anise
·      4 cardamom
·      4 cloves
·      1 carrot, cubed
·      2 potatoes, peeled & cubed
·      1 tamarind skin
·      ½ cup of coconut milk
·      1 ½ tsp of salt
·      1 long beans, cut into 1 inch length
·      1 long brinjal, cubed


1.   Place all the ingredients except the long beans & brinjal, into the PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker.
2.   Press BEANS and then START. Make sure the vent is closed and pointing towards the pressure cooking.
3.   When the Dalcha is ready after 30 minutes, release the pressure by turning the vent to the right most button.
4.   Open the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker lid and put in the long beans and brinjal.
5.   Close back the lid and allow the vegetables to cook for 5 minutes.
6.   Serve with rice or bread.


ttm said...

Thanks for the recipe. I have always wanted to try cooking dhal. I noticed that the only liquid in the recipe is a half cup of coconut milk. With so much ingredients, isn't this very dry?

Cooking with Marina Mustafa said...

Hi ttm. If you use a PHILIPS Pressure Cooker to cook while under pressure, the steam released within the pot will create a lot of moisture and flavor to the dish. So, you don't need to add any more liquid unless you prefer a slightly runny Dhalca..Moisture will come from the coconut milk, the onions & blended ingredients as well as the potatoes and tomatoes.


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