Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Assam Pedas Chicken

Asam Pedas Chicken

Makes 4 servings

Ingredients to blend~
·      2 onions
·      3 cloves of garlic
·      1 tsp roasted shrimp paste/belacan

Other ingredients~
·      ½ a chicken, cut into 8 pieces
·      ½ a cup of chilli paste
·      1 tbsp of tamarind paste/asam jawa diluted in 1 cup of water, remove stones
·      2 lemongrass/serai, bruised
·      1 tsp of salt
·      1 handful of daun kesum

1.    Place the chicken pieces into the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker.
2.    Pour the blended items over the chicken.
3.    Put in the chilli paste, tamarind juice, lemongrass and salt into the PHILIPS Pressure Cooker.
4.    Mix everything till well combined.
5.    Press ‘CHICKEN’ and ‘START’. Make sure the vent is closed  and pointed towards pressure cooking.
6.    When the Asam Pedas Chicken is cooked, turn the vent to release the pressure and put in the daun kesum.

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