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Cooking Under Pressure ~ by Marina Mustafa

Cooking Under Pressure ~ by Marina Mustafa
Publisher ~ MPH in collaboration with PHILIPS MALAYSIA

When the Philips Electrical Pressure Cooker arrived my kitchen, I was intent on studying more about the new addition to my kitchen. I am the kind of person who does not like to underutilise any kitchen appliance.  So, I tested on recipe after recipe and began to use it beyond the way that conventional pressure cookers were previously used!

Technology is such a blessing, as even though today’s Pressure Cooker is capable of doing so much more than softening tough cuts of meat & beans, it’s safety feature should be applauded. When releasing the steam, we can only hear the sizzle of steam escaping (hardly enough to capture on camera) and even if you are still fearful about releasing the steam, my Philips pressure cooker self-releases the steam for you. Attempt all you want, to open the lid while the pressure is building up & while it’s under pressure, and it is virtually impossible to open, ensuring your safety.

What enticed me most though, is how simple it is to use the pressure cooker. Just as I always say, during all my cooking sessions, “Just press two buttons, and the pressure cooker will do all the cooking for you” This is the joy of owning an intelligent Pressure Cooker in my kitchen.

Mum said she used the pressure cooker every single day when I was away for work at Turkmenistan. Even my daughter who focuses her time in the kitchen only for baking purposes, have now taken a keen interest on my pressure cooker, having cooked many delicious dishes using  it….proudly saying how everyone enjoyed her cooking!

In reality, a pressure cooker retains 90-95% of the vitamins & nutrients compared to other methods of cooking. This is due to the steam being kept inside the pot during cooking time, retaining all the nutrients within the pressure cooker. Even mum being a seasoned cook, said that the food I cooked using the pressure cooker tasted more flavourful, highlighting the Bubur Asyura  which I just cooked! Bubur Asyura by the way, is a Johorean specialty of comforting & soothing porridge cooked with seven varieties of beans with spices. For the first time, I didn’t need to soak or boil the beans separately, to cook this porridge!

I could go on & on about my endless excitement, cooking with my Philips Pressure Cooker, but I’ll let you try out all the recipes I shared in this cookbook. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy all the 25 delicious dishes in your own home….with a touch of two buttons!

When I allowed a pressure cooker enter my kitchen, I was truly mesmerized. I cannot believe why I allowed so many years of my life to pass by without me owning one. The benefits are enormous. 

After using the Pressure Cooker for many years and loving it, I felt, as a cookbook author of seven cookbooks before this, it is my duty to share Malaysian based recipes using the pressure cooker on top of the fact that I kept on getting constant requests for me to do it. The recipes I share here, are recipes which I regularly cook for my own family and I hope you will share my family recipes with yours too! From my pressure cooker to yours!

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