Wednesday, 16 November 2016

100 Makanan Timur & Barat ~ by Marina Mustafa

            100 Makanan Timur & Barat ~ by Marina Mustafa
                                                    Publisher ~ Alaf 21, Karangkraf

100 MAKANAN TIMUR & BARAT intends to show the similarities between local Malaysian and Western food. Consisting of 50 Malaysian based recipes and 50 similar Western recipes.... You will be able to cook both dishes in the same kitchen, pleasing traditional tastebuds as well as newly introduced Western recipes such as Cakoi & Churros, or Mee Siam & Aglio Olio, Lempeng Kelapa & Fluffy Pancakes, Breakfast Buns & Roti Naik, Potato Salad & Gado-gado...Enjoy both Western & Local dishes, all in one comprehensive book!

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authorMarina Mustafa. Author of ten cookbooks.

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