Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Healthy Meals Made Easy ~ by Marina Mustafa

Healthy Meals Made Easy ~ by Marina Mustafa
Publisher ~ MPH in collaboration with PHILIPS MALAYSIA

HEALTHY MEALS Made Easy is a super easy comprehensive baby & toddler cookbook. This book focuses on the right food to feed babies with a month-to-month guide, starting from the time they are introduced to real food at 6 months onwards. Apart from healthy mouth~watering recipes, there is menu planning guide, myths v facts of breastfeeding, dealing with colic babies and  nutrition information for every recipe. What makes this book stand out, is that most of the recipes are family friendly…… where families of every age can also enjoy the recipes shared, with many choices of pasta sauces, dips, varieties of soups, porridge, lots of finger food and tasty healthy drinks. Let your baby & your family enjoy healthy meals together. A healthy family cookbook indeed!

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